Note - This module locks a device so that it can't be operated by a user until it is unlocked.  If you would like to lock the device in the same way you can by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting "Lock" on the physical machine please use the Lock Windows module.

  1. Log into your senso console

  2. Select the appropriate folder from the Groups window that contains the desired users.

  3. Select the users or devices you wish to lock

  4. Click on the Lock Screen icon from the toolbar located towards the top of your browser window.

  5. From the Action drop-down select to either lock or unlock the screen of a device.

  6. If you are locking a device any text in the Lock Message field will be displayed whilst the device is locked.  If you are unlocking a device any value entered in the field is ignored.

  7. Click Confirm to perform the action you have selected.