Note - Currently it is only possible to have one remote session at a time, if you attempt to establish a remote session with two or more devices you will see this message.

To remote control a device

  1. Log into your senso console

  2. Select the appropriate folder from the Groups window that contains the desired device.

  3. Select the device you wish to remote control.

  4. Click on the Remote Control icon from the toolbar located towards the top of your browser window.

  5. When the remote control session loads you can mange the session from the menu bar above the screen display.

  6. When the remote control sessions starts you will only be able to view the device, to enable remote control click the Take Control button.

  7. To end remote control whilst keeping the session active click the Stop Control button.

  8. The screen quality can be changed from the Quality drop-down.  When trying to remote control a device over a slow connection reducing the quality can improve the performance.

  9. Clicking the expand arrows will make the remote control session file the browser window, clicking this button again will return you to the default settings.

  10. Click the cross to end the session.

Note - When using the remote control module it isn't possible to switch groups and the groups will not display in the Groups tab.