Before using the Logging functionality it needs enabling, it can be enabled for an entire organization or just a selective group.

1. From the Groups tab, select the group you would like to enable Logging for.

2. On the right hand window click the Policies tab.

3. If you already have a policy set-up for the group you can skip to step 7, otherwise click the button to add a new policy.

4. Add a name for your policy in the Name field.

5. Leave the Enabled box unchecked until Item has been applied to the Policy

6. Click the Create button.

7. Click Items against your policy.

8. Click  to add a new policy item.

9. Enter a name for the Item in the Name field.

10. In the Type drop-down select Logging and Blocking.

11. Select one or more of the logging options.

*Note* If you haven't chosen to enable Monitor Typed Phrases this step can be skipped.
Under Libraries select the keyword libraries containing the phrases you would like monitor for.

12. Click the Confirm button to save the settings.

13. Click Edit in the Policies Window to enable the Policy

14. The Logging is now enabled.

To view the logs, click on the gear icon in top-right corner (Admin Center), on the menu on the left click Logging.