It is possible to restrict access the access certain users have to edit or view groups in the web console.  

For this example we are going to restrict a users access so that they can only see Group1.

  1. Log into the portal and go to the Admin Center.

  2. Expand Console Users and select Manage Roles.

  3. Click the + icon to create a new role.

  4. Give the role a name but don't assign any permissions from the General section.

  5. If members of the group will require any admin access select the relevant options from the Administration section.

  6. Click the Add button to save and create the role.

  7. From the left hand menu select Manage Users.

  8. Find the user you want to edit the permissions for and click the padlock icon.

  9. Select the role you have just created and remove any other roles assigned to the user.

  10. Click the Confirm button to save the changes.

  11. Close the Admin Center tab to return to the main portal page.

  12. Select the group you would like to give the user access to.

  13. On the right panel select the Access tab.

  14. Click the + button to add a new access permission.

  15. In the list of users and roles select the role you have just created.

  16. From the Group Access Level drop-down select the level of access you want to give the user (view, modify, full).

  17. Click the Add button to create the new access permissions.

  18. The user will now only have access this group.