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  1. Select Add to Chrome (top right-hand corner)

  2. Click Add extension

  3. From within the Chrome browser click on the 3 dots, More tools, Extensions

  4. Click on Options from within the Senso Client Extension

  5. Enter the following Information
    1. Enter your License Key
    2. Enter SITE ID (optional) How to setup a Site ID
    3. Enter a password – Do not use your Google password or any password used for other services.
    4. Click Save - You may need to restart the client before the extension will work.

  6.  Log into your senso console as an administrator, Admin Center, Devices and now assign the device to your site unless you used the optional Site ID

If you are going to use the Google Admin Console to mass deploy the Chromebook extension.  Please see the next step in this procedure (Export the Configuration file for use with the Google Admin Console)