This article explains how to force install the extension to your Chromebook devices.  As Senso is a user based application, make sure you are applying these steps to the OU's within Google Admin console that contain the user accounts it is going to be installed on. 

  1. Login into your Google Admin Account

  2. Select Device Management

  3. Select Chrome management from the left-hand menu.

  4. Select Apps and Extensions

  5. Select the OU to the left that you would like to apply the extension to.

  6. Once the OU that contains the User Accounts for the install, search for in Chrome Web Store. You should see the option to add from the Chrome Web Store in the bottom right corner.

    7. Click Select

    8. Once selected and added, change the settings next to the Senso Icon to Force Install which you can apply locally to each OU, or inherit the settings from your Top Default OU.

9.Open your Configuration File in Notepad from the Senso Admin Center (see link below) and copy/paste the .json information (after you have made the configuration changes) into the Google admin Console in the Policy for Extensions area.

   8. Click Save

See Next Step: Download the Configuration file for use with the Google Admin Console