In this example we will create a new policy which will request permission to view the screen of selected devices that the policy has been applied to.  

The policy will show as Denied in the Thumbnails and will only ask the end user permission in Full Screen View not Thumbnail view. 

(This policy currently functions on Windows devices only)

 1. Select the Site, Group, or Sub Group you would like to apply this policy to. 


2. Click Add Policy


3. Name and Enable the Policy 


4. Select Items

5. Click to Add Policy Item

6. Choose Settings in the pull down menu for Type

7.  Select Policy Options*

* Pre-Load Screen ~ Will download the module if needed and load it when Senso boots at the login screen before it is required by the console so it will show faster in loading remote screens or thumbnails.

8. Switching to full screen mode in the portal will trigger the following dialog box on the end users windows device.

Thumbnail View