4 March 2019

Senso Portal


- Fixed issue where using multiple LIKE and NOT LIKE filters would cause unexpected results

- Fixed issue where multiple tabs may be created for a module if clicked multiple times while still loading

- Fixed issue with Senso Live Chat module removing typed messages when responses are received before sending

- Fixed issue with child nodes not being checked when viewing existing restricted groups in edit device

- Fixed issue where P2P links would not retry connection attempts if the first attempt failed

- Fixed issue where policies would not be sent when user is switched on client

- Fixed issue with filtering logging tables when columns were hidden

- Fixed issue where removing the Senso Client from the same machine running the Senso Portal would cause groups to fail to load

- Fixed issue where a detection library could be created but not tracked correctly in the database

- Fixed issue with Send File upload on Firefox

- Fixed element ID conflicts in the DOM when running multiple modules

- Fixed issue where console users would sometimes be unable to close a module UI

- Fixed bug where user switch notifications would fail to be processed when received over P2P, leaving the old username displayed

- Fixed issue with Broadcast Screen only displaying a single device in the selection dropdown when used whilst remote controlling a device

General changes

- Increased Block Resource library names from 50 to 1000 characters max

- Ordered users alphabetically in assign role

- Added support for usernames up to 255 characters in length

- Improved performance of policy ACL checks

- Updated Google SSO to work with new methods that aren't reliant on Google+ 


- [MAJOR] Added whitelist to Block Resources

- [MAJOR] Added ability for users to create advanced detection libraries for use across multiple groups

- [MAJOR] Added bulk user creation by CSV

- [MAJOR] Added fullscreen remote view/control

- [MAJOR] Added policy scheduling

- [MAJOR] Added ability to limit visibility of users and roles on a per site basis

- [MAJOR] Added ability to copy policies to other groups

- Synced Google Classroom groups will now be deleted within 24 hours of being removed from Google Classroom 

- Added support for Google Classroom when using the per device licensing option for Chromebooks

- Added option to show module shortcuts as icons in the module toolbar

- Added option to select what to add as filters (device name, remote host name or username) when using add to group

- Added option to select what to remove as filters when using remove from group

- Added user display name to thumbnais

- Assign role now shows which users currently have that role assigned 

- Added delete all option to Block Resources

- Added info column to violation logs to display extended information

- Added "Connecting..." indicator when waiting for a screen while using remote control

- Added option to cleanup devices that have not connected within x days

Senso Client


- Fixed issue where client would crash out of the policy execution system, no longer executing modules when in this state. This would make the client appear unresponsive, even though online.

- Fixed issue where 3rd party .net products would corrupt the sensoclient.exe.config file, stopping the client from running completely

- Fixed issue with Group Priorities where a module would not reset if a higher priority module was executed

- Fixed error logging was not logging

- Fixed various issues with the Remote Control Module


- Entire Policy Execution system has been reworked for better performance and to accommodate the scheduling

- Updated Real Time Communication system to latest version, affecting remote control/broadcast

- Updated Microsoft Websocket system to latest version to support an imminent change to the Redis load balancing system

- Enhanced and re-worked the Peer to Peer linking methods

- Enhanced the Peer Reconnect methods should a peer to peer link fail


- Scheduling of policies

- Additional API's for more enhanced modules

- Better initialisation detection to reduce wasteful cloud server requests

Known Issues

- An update to our Logging Module is needed to fully utilise the Website Whitelist and Allow-Only

- We are currently working on an Azure AD link so currently you cannot add Group Filters for AAD Groups

- At random times throughout the week, all Connections to the senso.cloud Servers are severed.  This results in several minutes of down-time before all the connections reconnect.  Microsoft are aware of the issue and attempting to find a resolution.  In the meantime, we are building another replica environment on more powerful servers with slightly different technology and plan on moving everyone over