Before you start

All devices must be enrolled and managed in the Google Admin Console to use Managed Guest Sessions.

Configure Managed Guest Session

1. Login into your Google Admin Account

2. Go To Devices, Chrome Management, Managed Guest Session Settings



3. In the Apps and Extensions area add as a Force Installed App. Search for the extension in the Chrome Web Store. If the Apps and Extensions are blocked, add extension into the Allowed Apps and Extensions List.

4. Upload and Deploy the Senso Configuration File:

Google Admin Console (Upload & Deploy Configuration File)

    1. Login into your Google Admin Console

    2. Select Device Management

    3. Select Chrome Management.

    4. Select App Management

    5. Search for 


     6. Click on the  Apps to open options, choose Managed guest session settings.

    7. Select the OU which contains the Chromebook devices you have installed the Senso client extension on.

                            a.)Turn on Forced Installation

                            b.)Click on Upload Configuration File

                            c.) Select the sensoclient.json file (How to Export the Configuration file)

Note: You might have to click on Override before the upload configuration file is displayed.

    8. Click Save