Senso Portal (2.2)

New Features

Microsoft Teams

  • Groups Sync - Automatically create and populate groups in the portal based off your existing Teams groups. 
  • User Sync - Automatically create user accounts in Senso for users in your Teams tenancy.

Remote Control

  • Tabbed Remote Control - Remote control has been moved to a tabbed view allowing for multiple simultaneous control sessions. The restrictions on switching groups during remote control have been lifted.
  • Remote Copy and Paste - Remotely copy and paste text between the web console and remote device.


  • Live Violation Alerts - Violation alerts will now show in the list and thumbnail view for users with sufficient access.
  • Delegated User Violation Emails - Delegated users can now be configured to receive violation emails.


Remote Control

  • New profile settings have been added, such as the option to automatically take control when a remote control session is created.


  • Logs are now viewable by group and users can be restricted to only see their groups' logs.

User Management

  • A warning will be displayed when editing user login restrictions if a role is already applying login restrictions.
  • It is now possible to view more than 1000 audit logs for a user.


  • Users on Windows devices will now show in Google Classrooms when their email address matches a student in the class.

Delegated Access

  • Delegated organizations are now searchable.
  • Delegated organizations are now sorted alphabetically.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with site assignment permissions not working as intended for some users.
  • Fixed an issue preventing bulk unassignment of roles.
  • Fixed an issue preventing violation images from being printed.
  • Fixed an issue where user preferences weren't updated immediately after being changed.


  • Caption logs have been removed.

Senso Client (2020.5.7.0)

We have identified an issue affecting client connectivity in the previously released 2020.5.4.0 version. Please update to 2020.5.7.0 as soon as possible.

  • Modularized core functionality to allow for dynamic updating without deploying a new client MSI
  • Improved general load times of modules
  • Web Filtering Driver Update
  • Added a retry mechanism in the event a module fails to load