Log into the portal and navigate to the Admin Center.

Expand Console Users and select Manage Users.

Click the + icon to add a new user.

In the Email field enter the email address of the person you wish to add as a user.

Display Name will be the name that is made visible to users through the portal.

Send Verification Email: Send the user a verification email which allows them to set their Senso password. If using O365/Google single sign on you may deselect this option and not send the user this email and instead prompt them to login with their existing email username and password. 

Data Sync Enabled: Enables the syncing of external data for this user. This requires additional configuration in the Data Sync area of the Admin Center before it will function.

Roles: Assign a role to individual users

Alerting tab:  Turn on Email alerts for Users, is site specific.

  • Alert (Urgent/Critical) -Violations that require immediate attention and or are life threatening. Violations marked as only as Urgent or Critical will receive an immediate email. Other violations marked as Low, Medium or High will only show in the Logging area.

  • Weekly Report - This is sent out ever Monday morning around 09:00 GMT.  It gives you an overview of last weeks violations.  

Role Visibility Options: this restricts who has access to view users accounts in a large organizational structure.  

The Default setting for a newly created user is to not be visible to anyone (other than the Organizational Admin) until a Site is selected in Role Visibility

Example: If NTS Site has been selected in Role Visibility for this created User, users with permissions to see the NTS Site will be able to see the created Users account email. 

Users within any other Sites will not see the created User in lists.