The Detection Libraries can be employed to create specialized collections of data for purposes such as blocking, whitelisting, allow only, or simply receiving notifications based on user-defined phrases or keywords. Logging Policy must be applied to Site/Group for Detection Libraries to become active

1. In the Admin Portal, choose Detection Libraries 

2. Click the Green  to create a New Library.

3.  Name your Library and check the Enable box to activate.  Library Visibility tab limits the access site users have to view/modify libraries. Click Confirm to create

4. Choose Edit next to named library. 

5. Click the Green + to add items into named Library.   

  • Keyword Detection: Detects and raises violations for typed phrases or keywords. No blocking will occur for this selection type.
  • Window Caption: blocks the window title, for example the name of a shared folder that needs to have restricted access added to it or add Documents to block access to My Documents/My PC during exams. 
  • Website URLs - block web sites that are set as a wildcard automatically. Adding sites as a URL is recommended as just adding Facebook and not, will block anything that has the term Facebook in it.
  • Website Content - block the term within the content of the page itself.  This block resource is highly sensitive and not recommended for anything other than specific terms. 
  • Application - block any application, ex. Notepad or Calc. The full file location path is not required to block the application from opening, just the term for the application is sufficient to add as an existing block.

6. The Action pull down menu allows you to set to either Block or Whitelist or Allow Only.  Choosing to enable Take Screenshot will trigger a Screenshot of the Phrase or Keyword that was added. 

7.  Severity pull down menu sets the level the Phrase or Keyword needs to be listed as.  Urgent or higher will trigger Email Alerts for users that have been setup to receive them.

8. Click Confirm to save changes

9. Finally , you will need to enable this library on your logging policy in the Main Senso portal:


Click Edit - Scroll to the bottom and then enable the library that you just created and name:

10. Click Confirm