How to use Launch 

  • Log into your Senso Console

  • Select the appropriate folder from the Groups window that contains the desired users

  • Select the users/devices you wish to run a website or an application for

  • Click on the Launch icon from the toolbar located towards the top of your browser window

To Run a Website

  • Select the Website option.

  • From the Browser drop-down select the browser you would like to launch the website with.  If Default is selected the default browser for the device will be used

  • In the Application name or website address field enter the URL for the website you wish to launch

  • Click Run to launch the website

  • Note - If a browser is selected which isn't installed on the device the default browser will be used to launch the website, and message will be displayed in the web console.

To Run an Application

  • Select the Application option

  • In the Application name or website address enter the name of the application, for example notepad

  • If you want to run the application with arguments these can be added in the Arguments field

  • Click Run to launch the application