The client updater module allows you update the senso client directly from the web console.  The module can either be run manually or set to automatically check for and apply updates.

It is recommend that (YOU DO NOT USE THE CLIENT UPDATER IF, YOU DEPLOYED USING SCCM, GROUP POLICY OR OTHER 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENT TOOL) Instead you should update your current deployments with the latest installer.

Manually Running the Updater

1. Select the client(s) you wish to update.

2. Click the Updater module.

If the client requires an update it will download the installation file and run it.  

3. The client will disconnect from the web console and reconnect when the update has finished.

4. When the Update is completed you will see this message

5. If there is no update required you will see a message informing you that the client doesn't require an update.

Configuring the Updater to Run Automatically

From the groups tab select your organization

*Note* If you don't want to have all your client updated automatically you can choose a specific group. In this example "ICT Suites" is the group selected

Select the Policies tab and click the + icon to add a new policy.

Enter a name for the policy and click the Create button.

Click Items.

Click the + icon to add a new item.

Enter something under the Name field and set the Type to Updater.  Finally click the Create button.

Click Edit.

Check the State to set it to Enabled and then click the Save button.

The configuration is now complete.  If you are running version 1.0.0 the client will need to be restarted before the policy is applied, later versions of the client will start checking for updates instantly.