The below guide outlines the steps to deploy the Senso client and pass site and licence information as an MSIEXEC argument. 

Step 1:  Download the Senso.Cloud client from the downloads area here Senso Client Download  please choose the relevant 32\64 bit installers for your environment

Step 2: Once downloaded place the installers in a shared location - the share should have read and execute security permissions

Step 3: Open up System Center Configuration Manager, click on Software Library, Application Management, Applications

Step 4:

In the upper left-hand corner click on create to create a new application

Step 5:

You will now be presented the Create Application Wizard, 

Select "Automatically detect information about this application from installation files"

Type - Windows Installer (*.msi file)

Location - The should be the shared location from step 2,  this should be a UNC file path such as \\Server\Share\File

Now click next, you should be presented with the below screen 

Click next again

You will now be presented with the below

You can now add license key and site id arguments to the installation program, see red rectangular box above, an example of this would be msiexec /i "senso.cloud_client_x64.msi" /q LIC=XXX-XXX-XXX SITE=AAA



XXX-XXX-XXX - Replace this value with your license key.

If you want to automatically assign the device to a site you can specify the SITE switch along with the Assignment Key for the site.  The SITE switch is optional, however, if it isn't used the device will need to be manually assigned to a site before it can be viewed in the Web Console.



XXX-XXX-XXX - Replace this value with your license key.

AAA- Replace this value with the Assignment Key of the site you wish to join the device to.

For further information on site assignment please see 

One you have added the licence key and site id parameters leave everything else as default values and click next

You will now be presented with the below

Click next again

Now click close

Step 6:

You are now ready to deploy the application

A list of applications that can be deployed will now be shown as below

Right click the Senso application and select deploy, this will launch the deployment wizard

Now select browse to pick the device collection to be deployed to and, select the correct device collection and then click ok

Once you have selected which collection to deploy Senso to, click next again

Click next again on the below content screen, if there are additional distribution points add these at this stage

On the deployment settings screen select the Action to "Install" and the purpose to required

On the scheduling screen if desired add a schedule to the deployment or click next to continue

On User experience screen select your preferred options 

On the Alerts screen select any alerts you may require or click next to continue

On the Summary screen click next

The deployment wizard is now complete, click close to finish the procedure