The settings module allows you to perform various task like requesting permission to view a remote screen. The image below show a group of users with the Setting Policy applied with Require Permission to remote view + deny thumbnails on.

A screenshot of a cell phone screen with text 
Description automatically generated

  • Require permission to remote view + deny thumbnails - Selecting this stops users screens being displayed in Thumbnail View and when you Open the Remote Control Window the end user will be asked if they want to share their screen. The end user has 15 to decide.

  • Auto Deny if no response - After 15 seconds the screen will auto deny anyone from seeing it. If this option is not checked then after 15 seconds you will be allowed to see the screen.
  • Pre-load screen module to speed up initial connection - This loads the remote screen module when the device boots.  Then the module will be already downloaded, running and ready for use.  If not checked then senso client will download the module if required and then start the process in real-time.   

See KB - How to setup a request permission to view screen policy