The below outlines how to setup a policy to power off windows devices on a schedule.

Step 1: 

Select the group of devices you wish to apply a policy. In the example below we have a Power Off group, this can be any group that you wish the policy to apply to however.

Step 2: 

Select the corresponding policies section and press the + button to create a policy 

Step 3:

Give the policy a suitable name, at this point do not set to enabled

Step 4:

In the policies view click on "items" then click the + icon in the left corner of the next screen and select add policy item

Step 5:

Give the policy a suitable name, in the example below we use "Shutdown @18:00"

Select Type - "End Session"

Select End Session Type - "Shutdown"

Display Message Type your desired message to be displayed on the devices when the policy is applied

Delay (Seconds) - Type a number in seconds this will countdown until 0 then the policy will be enforced

Press confirm when happy with the above settings

In the next screen press the red X in the upper right hand corner

Step 6:

Create the schedule:

Click the schedule link as below

 Then click the + in the upper left hand corner of the next view, this will add the schedule (See below)

  • The schedule can be given an active from and expire at, this will allow you to create a policy based on a calendar control date\time system
  • The policy can be run during the following times - E.G between 18:00 - 06:00 ( Please note the time schedule is on a 24 hr clock)
  • The policy can also be run on particular days Monday - Sunday or any day combination in between

Once happy with the schedule please press confirm to save.

Step 7:

Once setup you can now enable the policy, please click on "Edit"  and enable the policy then confirm.