Quickly and easily block access to all websites unless it's on your Allow Only list.  Please note the website may need more than one website address adding to load correctly.  Please see BBC web page example at the bottom of this article. 

  1. Select the Group you wish to apply the Allow Only List to

  2. Select the Block Resources Icon from the menu bar

  3. Click on the Allow Only Tab
  4. Enter one or more Web Addresses ( Exclude HTTP/S and just use "www.yourschoolwebsite.com" )

  5. Click the Blue Add button to the right of the Website address you just added

  6. Now only your school website would be allowed to run.  All other websites are blocked except for the websites on your list.  As a reminder the Allowed Websites are presented on the block page for quick reference.

It is possible that some websites pull images and or content from other sources.  Here are a few examples of websites requiring more than one Website address to be allow before the page loads correctly.  

BBC Website uses multiple websites to load the main page.  

These would be be needed to be added to the allow list to load the BBC web page correctly.