Includes information about the lock screen share on Chromebooks.  NOTE: the json configuration file has been set to lock student devices into share in your Google Admin console for the following option:

When an instructor clicks into the Thumbnail view for devices, the students Chromebooks will display the following:

1.  The Devices will lock until the student shares their screen.



2. A prompt will be displayed for the student to choose to share their screen with the instructor.

3. (Please note, the prompt appears every 5 seconds, if the student continually clicks in the blank area, the prompt timer will restart and the box will take another 5 seconds to re-appear) 

4. Students will need to click the desktop picture, a blue box will show around the selected desktop picture and the Share button will activate and show as blue. The student will then select the Share button.

5.  A share screen box will appear in the bottom of the student’s desktop screen; they can click the X in the top right hand corner to close that share screen indication message. 

6. Clicking the X to close the box will still keep the share screen active.

7.  If a student clicks STOP in the share screen indication display box, the Chromebook will revert back to the Locked Please Share Your Screen message until they choose Share again.