This module is only available within our ENTERPRISE CLOUD package.

Reset user passwords in Active Directory. You must add your AD Server Credentials to a Settings Policy before this module will work. To enable reset password, you will need to create a policy within the Senso Portal.

Depending on your portal configuration, if all your sites sit under one single Active Directory structure then the policy can be applied at the highest level. If each of your sites has its own Active Directory you will need to do this for each site.

Once you've selected your site you will now need to add the Settings Policy to it:

1. Go to the policies tab and click on the Green Plus symbol highlighted below:

2. Populate the name such as "Password Reset" ensuring the policy remains disabled at this stage:

3. Select Items on your new policy:

4. Click on the Green Plus symbol to add a new item:

5. Give the Policy Item a name and select the Settings Module from the list:

6. Some other settings are present here however for the AD password reset, we only need to populate the below. We do recommend using a service account for this module, which the settings can be located here

7.  Once you have set the options correctly, you can go back and enable the policy

Using the AD Password Reset Module:

1. Click the Password Reset button on the main toolbar

2. You will need to select a device at this stage, as the portal does not have access to your DC, so we use the client selected to manage the communication to your AD server.

3. Fill in a username and new password then click Run to change the password: