To enable reset password, you will need to select a Site where you would like to activate it.

If all your sites sit under one single Active Directory Structure then you can do this on the top level. But if each of your sites has its own Active Directory you will need to do this for each site.

Once you've selected your site you will now need to add the Settings Policy to it:

1. Go to the policies tab and click on the Green Plus symbol highlighted below:

2. Name the policy what you would like to, be sure not to Enable the policy until we have configured it:

3. Select Items on your new policy:

4. Click on the Green Plus symbol to add a new item:

5. Give the Policy Item a name and select the Settings Module from the list:

6. Fill in the boxes with your AD Credentials.  Ideally the IP Address of an AD Server should be entered into the Server box, or the Fully Qualified Domain Name.

*We recommend you use a Delegated User in AD that has restricted access to AD:

7.  Once you have set the options correctly, you can go back and Enable the policy, which will then be delivered to all online machines instantly.*

*In some instances, a Client Restart will be needed for the policy to be enabled.

To Change a Password:

1. Click the Password Reset button on the main toolbar

2. Tick any online machine

3. Fill in a username and new password then click Run to change the password:

4.  Feedback below the Panel will display whether the Password Reset was successful.