*The Access module is for blocking, whitelisting and Allow Only, this module is to block apps and browsers on Windows devices  

1. Restrict applications on the remote computers to a list of Allowed Applications only.

2. Select the device(s) that you want to run the module on.

3. Click on the Allow Apps Icon to open the module window.

4. Set "Restrict Applications" to on.

5. Select if you want the user to know why they cannot open the desired application.

6. Enter application names into the allowed processes box for when you have applications that you don't want to block.

7. The other switches are common applications that we added in so that you can avoid typing out the application name.

Just flip the switch to enable it.

8. Click Run to restrict devices

9. To turn off, simply re-select the devices and turn all the toggles to off and Click Run again.