- This Article is for customers that currently use GPO to deploy the Senso client.

- You can download the latest client from here: 

- Be sure to save the MSIs in the same location as the existing MSIs.

After saving your Senso Client upgrade in your network share, edit your existing deployment GPO. For a refresher, we will navigate to ‘Computer Configuration/Policies/Software Settings/Software Installation’.

Right click on ‘Software Installation’ and select ‘New>Package. Browse and select your new MSI. After selecting ‘OK’, set the deployment method to ‘Advanced’ and press ‘OK’. Select the ‘Upgrades’ tab, press ‘Add’, and then ‘Ok’.

From here, you can change the upgrade pattern for your MSI. By default, the upgrade pattern is to uninstall the old package and to install the updated MSI. If your MSI update requires the existing application to stay in place, you will want to select “Package can upgrade over the existing package.” After pressing ‘OK’, you should see the replace package listed under the ‘Upgrades’ tab.

This method places both applications in the same GPO, as seen in the screenshot below. We know that the second package is an upgrade because of the green icon arrow pointing up to the 2019.5 package.