Note - This module locks a device so that it can't be operated by a user.  Your custom message and background color will be displayed on then device until it is unlocked.  It should not be confused with the Lock Windows  module which locks the screen the same way you can by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and selecting "Lock" on the physical machine.
  1. Select the device(s) that you wish to lock the screens of.
  2. Click on the Lock Screen module icon.
  3. Make sure Lock is selected in the drop down box.
  4. Select the colour of the background using the second drop down box.
  5. Type out the message that you want to be displayed on the selected devices screen by typing into the third box down.
  6. Run the module to lock the screen.
  7. Run the module again but with Unlock set as the action to unlock the screen.

    Please refer to the article on creating Shortcuts to save Custom messages for repeated use.