Users and roles that can only log in at a certain time and/or using a certain IP address.

  1. Go to the Admin Center by clicking on the cog wheel in the top right of your portal.

  2. Go to Console users and select either Manage Roles or Manage Users.

  3. Select either Manage Roles or Manage Users.

  4. Create a role/user or edit a current role/user.

  5. Along the top bar of the role you should see a tab called Login Restrictions. Click on it.

  6. Here you can select the time and days you want the user/role to have access to the portal (Leave empty for access at all times.At the bottom of the window you should see "Restrict login to the following public IP addresses". This is where you enter the selected range of IP addresses (Set the start IP address to the same as the end IP if you want to add in only 1).

  7. Click confirm and you will have your Login restrictions.