Step 1. Click on Sites from the left-hand menu in the Admin Center

*Note: If you have already have an assignment key, please skip to step 5. *

Step 2. Click on Edit located on the right-hand side of your site. 

Step 3. Enter an Automatic Assignment Key

Step 4. Click Edit to close the dialog box

Step 5. Select Download Chromebook Config. 

Step 6. Open the config file in Notepad to edit choices for Setup of Chromebook Devices.

"licenseKey"  Senso license key used to connect the client, will automatically be entered here in the Downloaded File.

"siteId": Site ID created when editing Site to auto-join Chromebooks into specific Sites.

"perDeviceLicense":  This will only work with Managed Devices: If set to true, Senso will license the Chromebook by device rather than per user. If set to False, Senso will license by user rather than Device. 

"useAssetId": This will only work with Managed Devices: If set to true, Senso will identify the Chromebook in the Portal by Asset ID,rather than by the serial number. 

"screenSettings": "promptForDesktop" : Prompt the user to consent to sharing their entire desktop. If set to false then only the current tab will be displayed for the device. 

  No Active Tab will display in Thumbnail view if the user navigates to another Tab or closes the browser to view the desktop.

"promptCount": Number of times to prompt the user to share their desktop. If it is Set to -1 it will continuously prompt until the End user accepts the share.

"lockWhilePrompting": Will lock the screen until the End user accepts the remote desktop viewing prompt. User will continually be prompted every 5 seconds.