Allow accounts to view only a set amount of devices

Firstly you need to create a new role.

  1. Open the Admin center by clicking on the cog wheel in the top right of your portal
  2. Click on Console Users and then on Manage Roles
  3. Add a new role by clicking the Plus icon in the top right
  4. Give the role a name of your choice and select user assigned sites.
  5. Go to the modules tab and select Control and Remote Screen and then click confirm (additional modules can be added if needed for more access)
  6. Open the manage users tab under console users on the left
  7. Search for the user you want to apply the role to and click manage user
  8. Make sure the user has no roles assigned to them
  9. Assign them the role that you just created by ticking the box.
  10. Go to the Site Assignment tab and select the site that the device they are remoting into is in and click confirm
  11. Go back to the main Senso portal view and right click on the site their device is assigned to and click add group
  12. Enter a suitable name for the group. Create a filter that filters on device name, has a Relationship set to LIKE and in the term section has the device name in it. Click Confirm.
  13. Select the group you just made and click on the access tab.
  14. Click on the + Icon in the top right of the window.
  15. Search for the email of the user you want to access the device and select the box that appears next to their name.
  16. Set the Group Access Level to View and then click Confirm
  17. This allows the user to only see this one group and any devices in that group can only take control of it.