1. Log into your Senso Console

2. Select a site or a  folder to add the group to.

3. Click the Add Group Icon

4. The Add Group Dialog box will open

6. Enter a Group Name

7. Enter Group Priority if needed. (default is 100) Higher values entered into the Group Priority will be prioritized over lower values. Use priority values to apply policies in in a prioritized setup. 

8. Choose a Filter to Auto-populate the group, the filters look at the top site level and will pull devices into groups automatically based off of Filtering choices. See below for the types of filters that can be applied. Relationships can either be LIKE or NOT LIKE and the Term Box is to enter in characters to build the filter.  

Wildcards can be used in the Term Box - 
%Represents zero or more charactersbr% finds br, bronze, brows, and broth
_Represents a single characterb_t finds bat, bot and bit
[]Represents any single character within the bracketsb[ao]t finds bat and bot, but not bit
^Represents any character not in the bracketsb[^ao]t finds bit, but not bat and bot
-Represents a range of charactersName[1-5] will include Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4 and Name5 

  • Device Name:  based off of naming convention for devices.  
  • Remote Host:  the Host name or IP Address of the Remote Host. 
  • Username: Email address or Active Directory usernames
  • AD Group:  Active Directory group membership devices belong to.  Please see Device Details article for further information to assist in using this filter.
  • IP Address: use the local IP Address of a device to filter into groups. 
  • E-Mail: Use the logged in Users Email address

9. Click Confirm