NOTE: To Allow Senso to integrate with MyConcern, schools now have to contact One Team Logic and request the API feature is enabled. To do this, you have to get a Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL) to email with your establishment name and DFE number asking them to turn it on.

Integrating your MyConcern with

  1. Open the Admin Center from the console by clicking the cog wheel in the top right of the console.

  2. Open the Data sync section on the left hand side of the Admin Center.

  3. On the window open the MyConcern tab and press the + icon in the top left.

  4. Select the sites you want to apply it to and Input the Tenant Code and the secret that is located on your MyConcern portal. Click Submit

(Read the NOTE at the top of this page before proceeding)

Instructions on getting your tenant code and secret:

  1. Within the Admin section of MyConcern, there is now a new 'API Keys' section within the "Users" menu, select Edit for this.

  2. In this section you will be able to generate API Keys for as many accounts as required. You can do this using the Create New button

  3. Creating a new Key requires a Name and Description:

  4. This will then generate the API Secret Key This Key CANNOT be seen again once the modal is closed, and will need to be re-generated if it is misplaced:

  5. Once the Key is created, you can:
    - Edit the Name and/or Description using the Edit action.
    - Deactivate and reactivate a Key using the appropriate action.
    - Regenerate the Secret key if it is misplaced. This will invalidate the previous key.