Enable logging to report violations from users on devices with senso on.

  1. Select the site/group that you want to set logging up on (this can also be at the top level)

  2. Select the policies tab located at the top of the window

  3. Click on the Plus button at the to create a new policy

  4. Type a Name for the Policy & click on Confirm

  5. Click on items for the new policy container

  6. Click on the Plus button to add a new Policy Item

  7. Enter a Name

  8. Select Logging and Blocking in the drop down box

  9. Select the options you want to select for logging

    (We recommend having all the drop downs set to log and block. Having monitor written phrases and monitor windows captions ticked is also recommended.).

    If you find you are having false positives with a word you can add the word into "Do not raise a violation..." to stop the keyword triggering violations.

    Monitor window captions will log the window that the user has open.

    We will only block the detection libraries that you put in and not ours.

  10. If you want to only filter certain applications enter the application name into the box

  11. If you want to avoid SSL inspection on applications, folders ,IP addresses or web addresses then fill out input the exclusion into the required box.

  12. Select whether you want to have adverts and flash video disabled by ticking the boxes

  13. Choose which Detection libraries you want to have enabled. Click the tick box in the top left to select all

  14. At the bottom of the page click confirm to save the policy you have set up.

  15. Go back to the main policies page. Click on Edit for the policy you have just created.

  16. Select the tick box for Enable. Click Confirm.