To setup Asset Manager, you need to create a new policy for it.

NOTE:The selected devices may take up to 24 hours to fully populate all of the graphs and tables. 

  1. Select the site or group you want to run Asset Management on.

    Note: Asset Manager will only collect the device information for the devices under this.
  2. Open the policies tab next to thumbnail View and then click on the + icon in the top left of the policies window.

  3. Enter the name of the policy you want to run and then click confirm.

  4. It will take you through to the main policies tab again, click on items for your asset manager policy.

  5. Click on the + icon in the top left to create a new item.

  6. Name your Policy item and then select Asset Management as your type. Click Confirm.

  7. Close down the policies item that you just created by clicking the Cross in the top right.

  8. Click on edit for the Asset management policy you created earlier and now enable it. Press Confirm.