Both Senso and Sophos products leverage Windows Filtering Platform as part of the Web Protection and Web Filtering features. If a Windows machine has Sophos and Senso installed with Web Protection enabled in Sophos and Web Filtering enabled in Sophos, a WFP network conflict occurs. This conflict produces internet connectivity issues on the machine such as:

  • Long load times for web pages.
  • Failure to load some web pages.
  • Failure to run internet based applications.

For more information, see Microsoft's document on Windows Filtering Platform.

Affected Sophos products

  • Any Sophos product that contains Web Protection.

Disable Web Protection to resolve WFP conflict

To resolve the WFP network level conflict, follow the solution below.

  1. Disable the Web Protection feature in Sophos, or Disable Web Filtering in your Logging and Blocking Policy on Senso.
  2. Restart the affected machines. Internet connectivity issues should be resolved after the system reboot.