Note: Best practice is to test on a small group first as when you enable it will run automatically.  If a staff/student selects cancel it will log them out of their session immediately without saving work. 

To enable an AUP on a group: 

  1. Select the group you would like to set the AUP on.  
  2. Select the Policies tab located in the window to the right.

  3. Click on the Plus button to add a new Policy

  4. Type a Name for the Policy & click on Create
  5. Click on Items
  6. Click on the Plus button to add a new Policy Item
  7. Enter a name
  8. Select the Policy Type (Acceptable Use Policy)
  9. Enter your Acceptable Use Policy Text. If you wish to add formatting please see KB How to Add Formatting to AUP Text
  10. If you want to track who has signed the AUP already, an not ask them again, you will need to create an Azure Storage Table then Share a SAS Url for it and enter that Url into the 'SAS Storage URL' box
  11. Click Confirm
  12. Your policy has been created. Please close the Policy Items dialog box.
  13. Before your Acceptable Use Policy will be shown to users.  You will first need to enable it by clicking on Edit.  
  14. Check the box to enable policy
  15. Warning: Once you click "Confirm" it will appear for all active logged  on users session in the group you applied it to.  If the user does not accept it will log them out without saving any work.