Quickly and easily block access to resources such as websites or applications for this group.

Using the Access Module

  1.  Select the Organization, Site or Group wanted to run the access module on.
  2. Click on the Access module. 
  3. Toggle the sliders to select which resource types to block. 
  4. Selecting Take a Screenshot will create an image and send it to the violation logs when a user tries to access the blocked resource. 
  5. Enter the Detection Term and click Add for the blocked resource to be included in the existing blocks.

  • Website URLs - block web sites that are set as a wildcard automatically. Adding sites as a URL is recommended as just adding Facebook and not Facebook.com, will block anything that has the term  Facebook in it.
  • Website Content - block the term within the content of the page itself.  This block resource is highly sensitive and not recommended for anything other than specific terms. 
  • Application - block any application, ex. Notepad or Calculator. The full file location path is not required to block the application from opening, just the term for the application is sufficient to add as an existing block. 
  • Keyword - this does not block term, it is for monitoring keywords added and will generate a violation for any terms included as an existing block.
  • Caption - blocks the window title, for example the name of a shared folder that needs to have restricted access added to it or add Documents to block access to My Documents/My PC during exams. 

Whitelist URL

Allow certain URLs to go through if a block is in place on part of that URL e.g. A block on www.youtube.com as a whole but a whitelist on a certain youtube video.

Allow Only

Allow access to only specified websites, and an example would be adding www.bbc.co.uk to restrict to just that site. Multiple sites can be added to build a list of sites that are allowed and block all others. 

The Access module can be set to be used on a schedule:


After adding in the resources that will be Blocked/Whitelisted/Allow Only in the drop-down list of options choose schedule.

1. Select how long to have the block apply from the predetermined time list or add in a customized time of day to turn the module off. 

2.  End of day is not the end of the school day it is the end of the day at 11:59 PM.

3.  Choose Apply to add the schedule to your block.