Release - 7th November 2020

Senso Portal (2.5)

New Features


  • It is now possible to lookup the definition of violation keywords from the Senso libraries

Teams Monitoring

  • Added the ability to exclude users in specified security groups from monitoring



  • Updated support links for the new support portal


  • Added the ability to add devices to groups by domain name

Teams Monitoring

  • Highlighted violating message when viewing chat transcript
  • Added export CSV and print options for Teams Monitoring logs

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue allowing module licensing checks to be bypassed when creating policies
  • Fixed an issue with delegated users being able to use modules the delegated organization is not licensed for

Concern Reports

  • Fixed an issue preventing viewing of concern reports by non-admins


  • Fixed an issue where devices selected in the list view would be unselected when remote controlling a device


  • Fixed an issue where in certain circumstances logging tables would fail to load

Release - 18th September 2020

Senso Portal (2.4)

Breaking Changes

Browser Support

  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported (portal side), however, web traffic from IE11 can still be logged

TURN Servers

New Features

Teams Chat Monitoring

  • Monitor Microsoft Teams chat for inappropriate messages and images using A.I based visual threat detection engine.

Service Desk


Don’t let an IT issue slow you down, with Senso Service Desk you can submit issues and technical queries straight to the Senso centralized web platform. From live screen access straight from the ticket itself, automated responses, and reporting, we’ve got you covered."

Want to see Service Desk or Teams Chat M in action? Request a demo here -



  • We have introduced new sending domains to ensure that all emails sent for our EU customers are solely processed within EU data centres.  This is due to a recent change in the GDPR status of 3rd party providers.

Teams Sync

  • Archived teams groups will no longer be synced.


Bug Fixes

Dedicated Device Groups

  • Fixed an issue where a user accessing the portal from a device with dedicated device groups was unintentionally given permission to modify the assigned groups.

Critical Update Senso Client 2020.9.16.1

Changes and bug fixes:

  • Added API Back-off (429) ... if the license is 'Expired', it will wait 30mins before asking the API for new token and 15mins for 'Untrusted' devices.  A client restart or device logoff/restart will cause an instant token request
  • Fixed an issue in the Teams and AAD Groups detection module where senso would intermittently not be able to retrieve the groups
  • Fixed an issue with detecting User info such as user email
  • Fixed an issue where Senso would stop trying to get a security token or download core modules after a few minutes and appear Online but nothing will run.  Now senso will never stop trying to get the senso token and core modules
  • Fixed an issue in the module loading system where previously it would cause an infinite loop if a new module was uploaded to the portal while the older module was already loaded, causing high CPU and RAM

Release - 03/08/2020

Senso Portal (2.3)

New Features


  • Keyword Match Criteria - Added the ability to require that violations only occur when multiple keywords are detected.
  • Share Violation Link - Added the ability to email a link to a violation log.



  • Sorted the sites drop-down alphabetically.


  • Allowed servers using the TURNS protocol to be added.

Remote Control
  • Added additional screen scale options.

Data Sync

  • Added configuration section in Admin Center (Data Sync) for CPOMS
  • Ability for users to report violations and concern reports to CPOMS

Asset Manager

  • About Page added: about page now displays new updates for each release.
  • Edit Assets: simply click on a windows asset (or multiple assets) in the asset table and select edit from the top. A side bar will open allowing you to edit many different fields. Edits can be locked to avoid the machine from overwriting them in the future.
  • Delete Assets: windows assets can be select from the asset table and deleted, making it much easier to clean up your data rather than relying on the Clean old or duplicate assets function.
  • Customise dashboard charts: Select which two charts you would like to display on your asset dashboard.
  • Default Site: pick your default site to display when first loading the asset manager.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where large amounts of white-space would be added to the user interface when attempting to add policies.
  • Fixed an issue where the logging area would fail to load.
  • Fixed a visual issue where custom detection libraries would appear to have duplicate items after editing an item.
  • Fixed an issue where the screenshot action would always be set to true when importing a CSV detection library.

Release - 14th May 2020

Senso Portal (2.2)

New Features

Microsoft Teams

  • Groups Sync - Automatically create and populate groups in the portal based off your existing Teams groups. 
  • User Sync - Automatically create user accounts in Senso for users in your Teams tenancy.

Remote Control

  • Tabbed Remote Control - Remote control has been moved to a tabbed view allowing for multiple simultaneous control sessions. The restrictions on switching groups during remote control have been lifted.
  • Remote Copy and Paste - Remotely copy and paste text between the web console and remote device.


  • Live Violation Alerts - Violation alerts will now show in the list and thumbnail view for users with sufficient access.
  • Delegated User Violation Emails - Delegated users can now be configured to receive violation emails.


Remote Control

  • New profile settings have been added, such as the option to automatically take control when a remote control session is created.


  • Logs are now viewable by group and users can be restricted to only see their groups' logs.

User Management

  • A warning will be displayed when editing user login restrictions if a role is already applying login restrictions.
  • It is now possible to view more than 1000 audit logs for a user.


  • Users on Windows devices will now show in Google Classrooms when their email address matches a student in the class.

Delegated Access

  • Delegated organizations are now searchable.
  • Delegated organizations are now sorted alphabetically.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with site assignment permissions not working as intended for some users.
  • Fixed an issue preventing bulk un-assignment of roles.
  • Fixed an issue preventing violation images from being printed.
  • Fixed an issue where user preferences weren't updated immediately after being changed.


  • Caption logs have been removed.

Senso Client (2020.5.7.0)

We have identified an issue affecting client connectivity in the previously released 2020.5.4.0 version. Please update to 2020.5.7.0 as soon as possible.

  • Modularized core functionality to allow for dynamic updating without deploying a new client MSI
  • Improved general load times of modules
  • Web Filtering Driver Update
  • Added a retry mechanism in the event a module fails to load

Release - 14th Feb 2020

Concern Reporting System


  • Allows students to report issues, such as bullying, with options to include a screenshot or remain anonymous. 
  • Reports can be viewed in the Admin Center of the Senso Portal and may be forwarded to MyConcern (if configured). 


Client (Windows)

Portal (Admin Center)


Portal Messaging System


  • Users can now receive messages from the Senso directly in their portal. This will allow for notifications of product updates, new features and 
  • Supports polls and embedded content such as YouTube.


Messages view(Portal)


Close Active Tab


  • Closes the currently active tab in Chrome (support for other browsers will be added in the future where possible).
  • Available for Chromebooks and Windows.


Module icon (Portal)


A.I. Powered Visual Threat Analysis/Detection


  • Uses advanced A.I. to Analyse violation images to detect the presence of material from the following categories:
  1. Alcohol
  2. Child Sexual Abuse
  3. Drugs
  4. Extremism
  5. Gambling
  6. Gore
  7. Pornography
  8. Swimwear/Underwear
  9. Weapons

  • Assists in reducing false positives and helps with directing attention to those violations which require it.


Violation Logs (Admin Center)



Pin Groups


  • Portal users can now create PIN groups. These allow for clients, such as those from a 1:1 programme, to be more easily grouped on an ad-hoc basis by entering a PIN.

PIN Group Screenshots

Add PIN Group(Portal)


Join PIN Group (Chromebook)

Clever Sync and Single Sign On (US customers Only)


  • Allows syncing of classes from Clever ( This will automatically create and populate groups within Senso for each of a teacher's classes.
  • Allows Clever users to sign-on into the Senso Portal


Clever Setup (Admin Center)


Groups View(Portal)


Import Detection Libraries From CSV


  • Allows whole detection libraries to be imported into the senso console in a CSV format
  • Download a CSV template from the portal that will assist with creating libraries.


CSV Libraries (Admin Center)

Import Library (Admin Center)

Module Toolbar


  • Added the ability to quickly search for modules located on the top bar
  • Improved the scrolling of the module on mobile devices


Module Search (Portal)


Software Improvements

Asset Management


  • New report types have been added and existing report have been improved.
  • Device Usage Activity (idle time, power on/off, etc...) is now captured for Windows devices.
  • Work to support other devices, sucj as chromebooks, is ongoing. Currently a count of Chromebooks is available within Asset Management.
  • Software report allows you to select software (From a known list of installed software) to report on.
  • Software report allows you to find versions of software Before, Between and After specified version numbers


Reports (Admin Center)

Site bandwidth report (1 of 3 bandwidth reports):


Software Report 1, report on specific software:


Software Report 1 Results:

Software Report on 'senso':


Software Versions Report:


Software Versions Report Results:


Device Usage Activity:




  • Added the ability to group by a device's local IP address
  • Added the ability to group by a device's user's email (If available)


Group filters (Portal)


List view


  • Group member can now be selected/ticked by their current status (online, logged in, logged out, offline).
  • Added the ability to drag group members to other groups to add them, great for teachers who want to quickly add a user into a persistent Banned Internet Group.
  • Icons and table options have been rearranged to be more obvious for users and reduce vertical space used.


Selection/tick options (Portal):


Drag to add to group (Portal):


New List view Icons Layout(Portal):


Block Resources


  • Added timed options. These are enforced for Google Classroom groups to allow for Block Resources to be used without teachers leaving blocks on permanently or accidentally.


Timed options (portal)

End Session



  • Added an option to set a minimum idle time of X minutes before ending a session. This helps to avoid accidental logouts/shutdowns for users who are still using a device.
  • Can be used in a schedule to automatically shutdown or logout machines that are idle.


Wait until idle(Portal)


Portal Login Page


  • The login page has been updated with a cleaner look.





Along with many bugfixes and tweaks across all areas of the product