Please complete all steps to ensure that chats are monitored. Domain mapping (steps 6&7) is required for logs to show in the portal.

If you are using senso for the first time. Once you have been licenced, you will receive an email that will ask you to create a new password. When that is done, go to to log in.


  1. You need to be an Organisation Admin on your Office 365 Tenancy.


  1.  Once logged into the Portal, go to the Admin Centre 

        2. Go to Data Sync in the list on the left. 

        3. Go to the Microsoft Teams (Monitoring) Tab

       4. Click on Authorize Senso. You will then either be asked to Logged into Microsoft Online, or you will be taken to a page like below:

5. Read the Permissions that the App would like to access and Click on Accept. You will then be taken to a Setup Page. Add a Friendly Name if its not already populated. We recommend using the O365 Tenancy Holders Organisation Name. Tick Monitor All Teams Chats and Monitor All Teams Channels*

6. Go back to the Microsoft Teams (Monitoring Tab) and Select the Tenancy that you just added by Click Options. Then Click on Domain Mapping.

7. Here you will see a list of Domains that are registers to your Microsoft 365 Tenancy. Match the Domains to the Relevant School Site in Senso.

You have now successfully Setup Microsoft Teams Chat Monitoring.

Note: Settings could take up to 30 minutes to take effect before Chat violations start occurring.

*Monitor All Teams Chats - Monitors all Private Chats been 2 individuals or a group chat of Individuals in the Tenancy.

Monitor All Teams Channels - Monitors all Channels accross All Teams in the Tenancy