The following Roles are what we recommend Schools use for Teachers. Note: These are only recommendations and you do not have to configure your roles exactly like these.

Teacher Role:

We always recommend to use User Assigned Sites when applying roles, as this makes the Roles easier to manage. You find out more information about User Assigned Sites by going here: Click Here

On the Permissions Tab, we recommend not assigning anything here for a Teachers role. The majority of these permissions are for the administration of Senso itself. Any permissions here that you do want to assign to some teachers, should be done so with a separate role (Console Users can have more than 1 role at the same time).

These are the recommend Modules you could assign to your Teachers. Note: To be able to see Screens/Thumbnails and Control devices they must have the Remote Screen and Control modules ticked.

The Roles Visibility tab and Login Restrictions are completely down to you whether to configure them. For more Information on Role Visibility what it is used for, click here.