The following Role is what we recommend Schools use for a member of staff who only needs to see Safeguarding logs for a specific group of users. 

Note: These are only recommendations and you do not have to configure your roles exactly like these.

Helpful guides linked to this article:

Restricting Group Access

Safeguarding - Specific Groups Only:

We always recommend to use User Assigned Sites when applying roles, as this makes the Roles easier to manage. 

You find out more information about User Assigned Sites by going here: Click Here

This role will give the user permissions to see Logs for Specific Groups they have access to.

These groups are defined in the main console page and access to these groups are defined in the Access Tab

Here is an example:

With the above Screenshot, any user assigned the Role "Safeguarding - Specific Groups Only" will be able to view the Safeguarding Logs for the group "A Teacher Name". 

The Access permissions for that Role need to only have Group Access Level of View. Policy Access Level can be left as None.

When a user with this role comes to view the Safeguarding Logs, they will have a view similar to the below:

The Highlighted boxes show the Group Selection in case they have access to more than one Group.

The following permissions will allow the users with this role to see logs for their Specific Groups. 

If you are all a customer of either MyConcern or CPOMS, and you have Linked Senso to one of these, you can also tick the highlighted boxes.

Syncing your CPOMS

MyConcern - Setting Up

View Admin Center

Select the following options in the Logging permissions options, use the Search box to find specific groups of options.

Ticking the Logging and Blocking module, will allow the users of this Role to see the Shortcut for the Logging Section in the main portal for Senso.