This guide will explain the steps required to Activate your Senso Web Filter subscription on your devices. For more information on Senso Web Filter, please Click Here.


1. Select a group of Devices you wish to use the Senso Web Filter on. Note: The below is just an example, you can apply this to the Organisation Level or Site Level if you wish to apply this to all Devices.

2.  With the group selected, Click on Policies, then click on the Green Plus symbol to add a new Policy. Give the policy a name and Click Confirm. Note: We recommend you don't enable the policy until the Policy is fully configured.

3. On the policy you have just created, click on Items

4. Click on the Green Plus symbol to add a new Policy Item

5. Under Type, scroll down and select Web Content Filter.

6. Under "If Content filter is unreachable", select whether you would like the Devices to able to access the internet without filtering or block the internet all together, if Senso's Web Content Filter services are unreachable.

7. Select the Content Libraries you would like to block devices from accessing.

8. Scroll to the bottom Click Confirm

9. Go back to the original Policies page and Click Edit

10. Tick Enabled and Click Confirm

The policy will now become active and will begin to work the next time devices receives the policy update.