If you find an address being blocked by our Webfilter these are the steps to whitelist the URL and allow access.


Firstly, you will need to create a custom Library to include the websites you wish to whitelist:


*Logging Policy must be applied to Site/Group for Detection Libraries to become active.


1. In the Admin Portal, choose Detection Libraries. 


2. Click the Green  to create a New Library.


3.  Name your Library and check the Enable box to activate.  Library Visibility tab limits the access site users have to view/modify libraries.



4. Choose Edit next to named library. (In this example its called report VPN , but 



5. Click the Green  to add items into named Library.  


In this case we wish to add the URL's we require whitelisting as per the below:

And it should display as per the below:


We need to now enable this whitelist in your Logging policy, navigate to the policy, Items - Edit:


Scroll to the bottom, find the new library, and enable:



Now any address added into this library will also be whitelisted.