This article explains how to automatically create users directly from your Azure Active Directory Tenancy using our Group Mappings feature within Microsoft Teams Sync.


1. You will need to Authorize Microsoft Teams Sync: How to Authorize Microsoft Teams.

2. Have access to Azure Active Directory.

3. Have your Roles configured: Creating Roles.


1. Once logged into the Portal, go to the Admin Centre.

2. Go to Data Sync in the list on the left.


3. Go to the Microsoft Teams (Sync) Tab. On the Tenancy you wish to create users from, click Options, then Group Mapping.

4. Your Roles within Senso will be displayed. Find the Role that you would like to assign a group of users to and search for the Security Group you would like to filter this by.

5. Once you have configured this page, scroll to the bottom and click Save.

6. Click on Options, then Settings.

7. For user accounts to be created based on Security Groups, the Automatically Create Users and Automatically Create Users for All Group Members must be ticked.

Note: If a user is not part of any Security Groups that you have nominated in the previous steps, and the user is an Owner of a Microsoft Team within your M365 Tenancy, an account will be created with the Default Role assigned. For more information on this go to: How to Import Users with Microsoft Teams.

The next time a Sync is complete, Console users within Senso will begin syncing with your Azure Active Directory Security Group mappings. Any users that exist within the Groups, and do not exist as Consoles Users within Senso, will have new accounts created with the Role(s) assigned.