The device cleanup tool in the  admin center is there to assist with removing outdated or duplicate named devices to regain licenses to be re-applied to other devices.

Instructions to use Cleanup Tool

Step 1: Access Admin Center

Step 2: Select Devices from the Left hand side Menu

Step 3: Choose Cleanup from the set of blue buttons above the list of your devices.

Step 4: Select which options you would like to run with the cleanup tool.

  • Remove duplicate named devices (this will remove all duplicate named devices, limited by site, leaving only the most recently active device for each)
  • Remove Devices that have not connected in the last (here you can choose the number of days since the devices last connection)

Step 5: Licenses will be re-applied to the number available in your Senso portal. *

*Senso client will need to be removed from PC clients and the Chromebook extension will also need to be removed from the Users OU in Google Admin to not have devices reconnect back into the Senso portal when the next session begins.