What is the average bandwidth usage of a Senso Client at idle?

After initialisation, an idle client will only be doing a ‘ping/pong’ with the Cloud Server, this should equate to no more than <10bytes per 10 seconds, that is about 0.05kbps.

What is the average bandwidth of a Senso Client while in Thumbnail Display Mode?

This is highly contingent on what the remote machine is doing, what size thumbnail is being displayed and the quality that has been selected. With everything set to default and if the screen is not changing or its just a user on Microsoft Word typing a document at about 20 words per minute, it would be around 250 bytes per second, that is 0.25kbps

Image shows the Caret on a thumbnail view, representative of characters being typed.. the image size is 256bytes and if this was a new character each second, that would be 256bytes per second. If the remote user is watching a full motion, highly colourful video and the video is constantly moving, it would be around 5 images per second at about 2kb size, that’s about 10kbps Maximum (not likely that everyone is watching HQ video)

The image above shows full motion, colourful video at full screen resolution (sent at thumbnail default size and colour)

Are clients only sending screen refresh data when being actively monitored or do they do this at all times?

Clients are only sending data when there is movement on the remote screen and a Portal user is watching them.