Release – 16th August 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.4.2) 

iOS – App Store 


New Features 

  • Implemented keyword detection as part of the Logging & Blocking module 
    • Keyword libraries configured in the logging policy are downloaded to the device 
    • Any updates to libraries or phrases are updated in realtime
    • User activity is monitored whilst using the web browser, their typing history is compared against the keyword library phrases. 
    • If a phrase is detected by the app a violation is raised and can be viewed in admin center
    • Non critical violations are queued and sent as a batch every 20 seconds 
    • Critical violations are immediately sent 
    • Violations do not currently take screenshots, instead the entire violating phrase will be available as part of the Info section for the violation. Screenshots for violations are part of the roadmap for version 0.4.3 (next planned release) 
  • When the app loads it now reports what it is doing, etc connecting, initializing modules 
  • App initializes all modules before presenting the login screen 


  • Minor changes to the way the app builds a peer connection to the senso portal 
  • The app can now retry failed network calls and is more resilient to api throttling 



  • App now uses device proxy configuration; the app should be able to connect to senso when pointed to an onsite proxy 
  • Fixed an issue causing log messages not to write if many log messages are being written at once 

Release  5th July 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.4.1) 

iOS – App Store 


New Features 

  • Website logs are now being recorded in the app 
  • Every 20 seconds all websites visited will be uploaded 

  • Logs will become available in the logging section of Admin Center 

  • Content filter blocked sites will not be recorded 

  • Light / Dark theme for the web browser 



  • The web browser now has a dynamic UI theme for light & dark mode 
  • The web browser implementation has been significantly changed to support future features & assist with maintenance: 
  • Interaction with the content filter has been improved 

  • Fixed issue where sites loading trackers / ads / iframes could cause the browser to redirect to a blank page  

  • Improved the reliability of the browser navigation buttons 

  • The block page now redirects backwards to the correct page (it used to navigate 2 pages back)

  • Improved the apps ability to re-query the Senso API under heavy load 


Fixed issue on iOS 13 & lower devices where the browser would fail to load 

Release  8th June 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.3.7) 

iOS – App Store 



Web browser search bar now supports more than fully qualified URL

URLs without https:// or www. Can now be directly browsed to without having to specify the schemas 
Any search text that is not a URL will trigger a search engine search

Google search is supported by default, more search engines will be available (and configurable) in later releases 



Fixed address bar URL edit textbox not being visible when the device is in dark mode

Fixed an intermittent issue where the block page would display “Content Filter Unavailable” incorrectly 

Release  4th May 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.3.6) 

iOS – App Store 


New Feature – End Session Module 

Added End Session module 

Logout any user session from the Senso portal 

Choose the duration before a device is logged off 

Allow users the option of cancelling the end of session 

In app popup displaying custom message & time remaining before session ends 

Shutdown & Restart are not supported 

Module will not run if no active session is present on the device 

‘Wait until user/device is idle for (mins)’ has no effect 

‘Allow Operation on Windows Servers’ has no effect 


Release  26th April 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.3.5) 

iOS – App Store 



Web Content Filter is now configurable via device policies 

When grouped policies are updated, changes will be available in real-time 


Release  8th April 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.3.4) 

iOS – App Store 



Web Content Filter now cashes site visits so it does not need to call out to the Senso API to get the status of a site that has already been visited



Added additional logging to MDM deployments 

Fixed issue where incomplete config would be accepted by the deviceIf the MDM configuration is missing required fields, the app will reject the configuration and present manual enrolment. 


Release  23rd March 2021 

Senso Mobile (0.3.3) 

iOS – App Store 


Product Launched - iOS 

Product is available on the iOS App Store as a B2B Private App via the VPP scheme 



Manual enrolment 

Automated enrolment through MDM configuration 

Remote Screen Module (thumbnail / full screen) 

M365 Login 

Google login 

Live Chat Module 

Web browser