iOS Change Log

Release Date 18th of January 2024

Version Number: 0.7.5


· Device will now recover after sleeping to keep policies running

· Device will reconnect to SignalR hub and portal after sleep (note: this will connect with a new connection id)

· Next time a device fetch's a token it will use the returned API value for all future requests (except  filtering URL, which remains unchanged)

iOS Change Log

Release Date 12th of July 2023

Version Number: 0.7.1


· Updated logging module so contextual violation matching works correctly on iOS (this should reduce false positives drastically for iOS)

iOS Change Log

Release Date 28th of April 2023

Version Number: 0.7.0


· Added extra enrolment setup option that allows the app to remember credentials (Only applicable to Microsoft SSO)

· Added extra enrolment setup option that allows the user to log in with first and last name

· Added the URL bar back into the web browser (with full safeguarding)

· Policies are now cached so after the first sign in (following enrolment), sign in should be much faster and any policy changes will be applied once API calls have finished

· URL bar now can handle search queries as well as direct URLs

Bug Fixes:

· App now has required entitlements so correct device name can be pulled into the Senso portal (only impacts devices that are running iOS v16+)

· Custom URLs are now blocked if action is set to screenshot and block

· Fixed connection issue where remote screen would not show up if portal was refreshed

iOS Change Log

Release Date 22nd of February 2023

Version Number: 0.6.3


  • Keyword Logging – part of the Logging & Blocking Module

Keystrokes monitored against a list of violation libraries developed in partnership with expert organisations with the ability to add your own custom words to block and allow words that would typically be blocked.

If a violation occurs, a screenshot is taken and applied a severity, and analysed using our AI. It is then visible within the Admin Centre.

Any updates to libraries, including adding new libraries and making changes to custom libraries are updated in real time.

  • Web Logging– part of the Logging & Blocking Module

As a user navigates the internet using our built-in browser, any website they go to will be recorded and visible under Website Logs in the Admin Centre.

  • End Session

Logout any user session from the Senso portal.

Portal side user has the ability to choose the duration before a device is logged off, create personalised messages to be presented with the countdown timer.

  • Remote Screen

View a single iPad or multiple iPads from the Senso portal simultaneously with the option to view a single screen with better quality.

  • Web Filter– part of the Logging & Blocking Module

A category-based web content filter that filters and blocks students from harmful or inappropriate content. Additional URLs can be added to a list to block, and specific URLs can be provided to allow them through if they would be typically blocked.

URLs can be added and categories changed live whilst the user is using the application, with instant application to their session.

  • Live Chat

The ability to send a message to a user from the Senso portal, opening a chat, offering the student the option to reply. This chat can only be initiated by a portal side user and not a device user.