*Role Manager Article should be referenced before adding Technicians*

Log into the admin center of your Senso portal

Select Service Desk, then choose Technicians or Users

Click on Add Technician or Add for Users*

The option dialog box will appear to choose settings for technicians

Console User: search for users that have been given web console accounts in Senso portal to add as a service desk technician

Technician Name:  Name given to technician user for service desk

Role: Select role with access rights to assign to this user

All Queues: If selected, any queues created will automatically be assigned to this technician account, leave unchecked if specific queues are to be assigned to a user

Queues:  select the ticket queues that this user can access and view tickets

Disable User: disable users ability to access and view tickets within service desk, will show as a user in technician list with a strikethrough line if enabled

*Click Add to save user once all choices are made in the options dialog box

*Depending on what role has been been given to the user and the options within that role, will determine what will be seen for that user when they refresh their portal after being added 


Users of service desk can be created manually within Senso admin portal, or by default a user is created for anyone who logs a support ticket without technician privileges.