There are two different options for viewing support tickets; One for users and one for technicians


As a Senso portal user, if the role/user has been assigned the ability to view Service Desk Icon, click on Service Desk at the top of the portal.

*Assigning Permissions

Users will then see the page below, this page allows users to create a ticket and view open or closed tickets.

They can also view any tickets that they have previously made by clicking on the desired ticket. This will display a limited amount of ticket information in comparison to the technician view, but this allows them to keep track of the ticket progress and respond to technician questions directly on the ticket. 

As a technician:

When clicking the service desk icon, technicians will initially see the page below.*

*General Settings for Tickets

This page allows technicians to create a ticket and the left sidebar allows for a customization of filtering by queues, categories, open/closed, assigned to me, starred tickets etc.

Please see linked article above for setup options

By clicking on tickets in this view Technicians Can:

  • Assign the ticket 
  • Update the status, priority, category, estimate response time, estimated fix time 
  • Add attachments
  • Add tags
  • Read ticket description
  • Add a resolution / resolution code
  • View and export this history of the ticket
  • Add responses to the ticket
  • Change the ticket state to on hold, waiting for user or closed
  • Run modules directly from the ticket