Support Channels


This functionality allows users to create a custom email domain, assign it to a queue and any emails forwarded to that email will be created as a Support Ticket within the portal. 


Email subject gets converted to the ticket title. 

Email contents gets converted to the ticket description. 

Email attachments will be added as attachments so long as the setup allows for attachments and does not violate the attachment setup. 


Click Add to access template setup up panel

Create Template from given options

Click Create to save choices

External Form Access

This functionality allows users to create an email domain, assigning it to a queue, allowing users without a Senso account to create support tickets using the external form via the URL below:

The users will be required to enter their email prior to completing the new ticket form. We will use that email to determine which organization and queue to create the ticket against.

Click Create Access Setting

Click Create to test settings