Before creating our policy, we will find and keep a note of the licence key of the portal you would like to move devices to and the portal that we are moving devices from.

Throughout this guide the portal we are moving devices to will be referred to as 'Portal A' and the portal we are moving devices from will be referred to as 'Portal B'.

  1. While on Portal A go to and make note of your licence key.

  2. Staying on Portal A go to and make not of the 'Site Assignment Key' for the device you plan on moving devices to.

  3. Switch to Portal B and go to while making note of your licence key again.

  4. Still on Portal B and on check to see if you are licenced for 'Remote Script' as this is the type of policy we will be creating.

Note: Make sure that you can identify which licence key is which.


  1. On Portal B select the group of devices you wish to move over to Portal A and select the 'Policies' tab.
  2. Click on the Green plus to create a new policy. When prompted type in a name but do not click the tick box 'enabled' yet.

  3. Seeing your new policy populate, we can now click on 'Items' to begin creating our policy.

  4. When in items we can now click on the green plus once more to begin adding items to our policy. Give the policy a name and then select the type and choose 'Remote Script'.

  5. Keep the script as set as a batch script and enter in the following code:

    echo YOUR-LICENCE-KEY>"C:\Program Files\Renato\\license.key"
    echo YOUR-SITE-ASSIGNMENT-KEY>"C:\Program Files\Renato\\"
    taskkill /IM sensoclient.exe /F

    Here replacing YOUR-LICENCE-KEY with the licence key for Portal A and replacing YOUR-SITE-ASSIGNMENT-KEY with the site assignment key for the site we would like to move devices over to on Portal B.

  6. Click confirm and then the red/white cross. 

  7. Click on 'Edit'. 

  8. Click on the Enabled button to enable the policy and then click confirm.


This policy will run at all times on the group it is applied to. Whenever a device comes online it will run the commands to move the device over to their new portal.

The commands simply, change the licence key attached to the device and the site id to correspond to the new portal's details. The second half of the commands restart the Senso services, this makes the device reconnect to our servers and is assigned to the new portal.