Instructions on setting up the integration between Clever and

There are two sides to setting up the Clever integration into your portal

From the District side: Please reference these articles from Clever

District Admins: Apps - Add or Remove apps

Sharing Permissions: Sharing data with new applications 

From the Senso Portal side: Please follow directions below

Once we have received and accepted your share permissions, you will need to enter your District ID and District Token into the Data sync area of your Senso Admin portal.  Senso will provide the ID and Token after accepting your share request.

1. Log into Senso admin portal with correct permissions to access Data Sync area

2. Click Data Sync, then choose Clever from the top bar of integration options

3. Add in your District ID and District Token provided to you from Senso

4. Once added the click Sync to begin the integration of data

5.  Schools in the Clever Sync will need to be matched with Sites created in Senso

6. Users will automatically be synced with users that have been added as console users in Senso

7. Automatic sync of information will happen overnight between your Clever portal and Senso and you can manually sync in between those nightly syncs