Release – 31st August 2021 

Senso Client (0.1.0) 

macOS – Alpha 

New Product 

A Senso client is now available for macOS! ? ? 


This initial release is an Alpha version of the product, intended for customers who are eager to have senso protection on their macOS devices. The state of the product is stable with limited features, the following features are available in this version: 

  • Installer / Uninstaller 

  • Can be installed by user 

  • Can be installed silently (requires elevated privileges) 

  • Automatic Enrolment 

  • Permission checks & OS level prompts 

  • Remote Screen Module 

  • Thumbnails 

  • Fullscreen 

  • Switch Monitor 

  • All other features are not implemented & will not affect the client 

  • Logging & Blocking Module 

  • Keyword Detection 

  • Enabled by apply a logging policy with “Monitor Typed Phrases” ticked 

  • Global keyboard detection of the macOS operating system 

  • When a violating phrase is detected, this will be added to a queue & uploaded on a 20 second interval. 

  • Critical violations are immediately sent 

  • No screenshot will be captured, this is on the product roadmap 

  • Detection phrase is available in Info column 

  • Application & Window Title are being captured, for example “Microsoft Word” & “Document 1” 

  • All other features are not implemented & will not affect the client